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Welcome to the first outpatient surgery center dedicated to complex cases. We are passionate about improving your level of health and helping you return to your active lifestyle.

The Premier Center For Outpatient Surgery

Total Knee Replacement

The team at OSI is continually advancing what’s possible in outpatient surgery. Patients benefit from a shorter length of stay, advances in techniques, patient education, and access to technology including robotic-assisted surgery.

Total Hip Replacement

The OSI clinical team embraces evolving joint replacement surgical techniques and new technology to improve the effectiveness of total hip replacement. Patients benefit from a shorter length of stay and their families and caregivers are prepared before and after surgery to ensure positive outcomes.


The shoulder specialists at Oregon Surgical Institute treat shoulder injuries and conditions including dislocations and ligament/tendon tears to long-standing arthritis and joint degeneration.


The spine specialists at OSI perform many types of outpatient spine surgery. Patients benefit from minimally invasive surgery and find recovering at home is a more comfortable and satisfying experience.

Foot & Ankle

OSI foot and ankle specialists and board-certified podiatric surgeons are elevating what’s possible for patients in an outpatient setting. Patients benefit from a shorter length of stay, advances in techniques, and recovery at home.

Elbow, Hand & Wrist

Our team of elbow, hand, and wrist specialists at OSI continues to innovate and pioneer new processes and procedures that benefit our patients and get them on the road to recovery.

Sports Medicine

OSI’s top-ranked orthopedic sports medicine specialists treat athletes to help them recover from injuries related to sports, exercise, or other physical activities; improve overall wellness; and meet fitness and athletic performance goals.


The team at OSI is continually embracing what’s possible in outpatient cardiology. Advances in techniques, access to the latest technology, and a commitment to quality outcomes contribute to our outpatient cardiology program.


Outpatient gynecology and urogynecology procedures and same-day surgery are available in a convenient and comfortable outpatient setting. The OSI care team utilizes the latest technology and treatments to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Delivering a Personalized approach for all patients


  • Consultation

    Meet your OSI clinical team and dedicated Orthopedic Care Coordinator and identify your goals

  • Pre-Surgery Education

    A dedicated team of Orthopedic Care Coordinators has designed a comprehensive education program to prepare patients and caregivers and ensure the most successful outcome

  • Pre-Op Preparation

    Labs, EKG, CBC, and/or CMP will be ordered based on specific patient needs

  • Surgery

    You will park feet from our front door and walk into a welcoming environment filled with people who know your name and who will communicate with you and your loved ones throughout the day.  Most patients can expect to walk out our door again within 6 hours.

  • Recovery / Homecare

    You will be walking down our hallways and up a flight of stairs just hours after surgery and you will recover at home with pre-scheduled home health and PT visits and check-in call from our center.  We will be monitoring your recovery and communicating on our HealthLoop app.

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