The Oregon Surgical Institute was built to provide the benefits of an outpatient experience for complex cases such as Total Joint Replacement. Our care team is recognized nationwide as leaders in leveraging advancements in technology and process to generate the best outcomes for outpatient total joint replacement.

Advancing The Science Of Total Joint Replacement

Carolyn’s Story

Portland, Oregon

I never dreamed I would be able to walk in and walk out of the facility after my total knee replacement. My Orthopedic Care Coordinator really made the difference in helping me prepare for the surgery. And with Dr. Ballard as my surgeon, I knew I was in good hands.

Meet Our Physicians

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

How we Get you there

  • Scheduled

    Your surgeon will schedule your surgery at Oregon Surgical Institute and you will complete your health history online.

  • Pre-Surgery Education

    Please sign up for your comprehensive pre-surgery class. This class is designed to prepare patients and caregivers and ensure the most successful outcomes.

  • Pre-Surgery Preparation

    Labs, EKG, and/or additional testing will be ordered based on specific patient needs. Your health history will be reviewed by our anesthesiology team.

  • Surgery

    You will walk into a welcoming environment filled with experienced healthcare staff who will communicate with you and your support person throughout the day. Most patients can expect to discharge home about 6 hours after their arrival.

  • Recovery / Homecare

    You will be walking down our hallways and up a flight of stairs just hours after surgery. You will recover at home with the support of your coach. Our Orthopedic Care Coordinators will call you after surgery to check in. They can also monitor your recovery and communicate with you via the MyMobility program.

The OSI Difference

  • Incisions are smaller, reducing the likelihood of infection, scarring, and pain
  • Use of anesthesia blocks enable faster recovery, a shorter length of stay, and a smoother road to recovery
  • Our team minimizes the use of opioids using a pharmaceutical approach to pre- and post-procedure pain management
  • Dedicated Orthopedic Care Coordinators improve patient and family education, ensuring you are prepared for surgery, your recovery, and follow-ups

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Advantages

Lower Cost

Lower Infection Rates

Better Outcomes

Personalized Care

Recover At Home

Since opening our doors in 2018, we have helped more than 4,000 people receive total joint replacement surgery in an outpatient setting.