Total Knee Replacement

Joan, a registered nurse and mother of six, developed arthritis in her knees. Her arthritis limited her mobility to the point where she could barely walk. She got total knee replacement surgery at Oregon Surgical Institute and says, “Now that I have some new joints, I’m able to do the things with my grandchildren that I was able to do with my children.”

Total Hip Replacement

Gary and Jan each got one of their hips replaced at Oregon Surgical Institute. Their children now jokingly refer to them as “hipsters.” After their successful hip replacement surgeries, they have been able to pursue their passion for traveling and taking road trips to multiple national parks, including the Grand Canyon. Jan says, “We had a lot of education about the process…I felt very supported by OSI.”

Plaid had hip replacement surgery at Oregon Surgical Institute and was happily surprised with the ease and speed of the procedure and his recovery. A seasoned rock and ice climber, Plaid is back in action post surgery and says, “Oregon Surgical Institute gave me my life back. They’re letting me pursue my passion.”

Spine Surgery

Susan had neck surgery at Oregon Surgical Institute and chose the outpatient setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I cannot say enough about how competent and caring that staff was,” noted Susan, a yoga devotee who is now able to resume her yoga practice and attend her favorite classes.